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IFS Foundations for Coaches


In this 12-week, virtual instructor led course, coaches will learn how to successfully integrate key IFS skills into their existing coach practice.

Designed for coaches by coaches, participants will deepen their skills through self-exploration, peer practice, and professional mentorship.  By the end of this program, coaches will be able to begin integrating key IFS skills into their existing coaching practice.  

After completion of this program, you will be able to: 

  • Develop Self-leadership to expand coaching presence.
  • Identify motivating factors that drive behaviors through the mapping and exploration of the client’s inner world.
  • Apply new techniques to assist clients in identifying and addressing internal conflicts and overcoming automatic pilot.
  • Navigate the client protective system through the successful application of a coach-specific protocol.
  • Integrate new skills into existing coach practice and methodologies.


This program is highly interactive and requires live attendance to weekly 3-hr live instruction sessions and a weekly 1-hour mentor session. In total, this program provides:

  • 36-hours of live, online weekly instruction with recordings (3 hours/week)
  • 12-hours of mentorship through 1-hour weekly, small group sessions
  • Self-directed, online peer practice opportunities.


This new learning program is FOR coaches who: 

  • Are ready to apply an IFS lens to existing coach practice.
  • Have been formally trained as coaches, preferably by a recognized accrediting body like the ICF.
  • Have at least 1 year of professional experience.
  • May hold an accreditation through a recognized accrediting body like the ICF (ie ACC, PCC, MCC).

This program is NOT 

  • For people looking to become coaches.  This is a coach continuing education program. 
  • A pathway towards IFS Certification. That will remain under IFS  Level 1, 2 and 3 Trainings (view 2024 admissions changes here). 
  • For clinical professionals waiting for an IFS Level 1 spot to become available.  This course is not a replacement for IFS Level 1 Training. 


If you meet the minimum criteria for participation in this program, we invite you to join the interest list below. From this interest list, we will be inviting participant to register for upcoming cohorts. The inaugural cohort starts the week of with access to Online Modules opening on June 10th and live instruction starting June 24th. Joining the interest list is not an application to the program and does not guarantee a spot in an upcoming cohort. We will communicate when program registration opens. This this first cohort, qualified coaches will receive information before May 1st and registration will open on May 1st. Future cohorts are planned for late fall 2024 and you will be notified of upcoming cohorts.


Once registered, you will be guided to complete several online modules before live instruction begins.  The first will provide you with a tour of the program and explain where to find things.   

There are also activities meant to inspire and get you started on this learning journey.  

Second, you will be required to complete An Introduction to IFS which will begin rooting you in the concepts and language of IFS before the live instruction begins.  

And finally, the third online module will provide more information about program goals and learning objectives for how this program will be helping you expand your coaching capacity using key IFS skills and techniques. 


This program is highly interactive and requires live participation.  Participants are expected to attend the weekly, live, 3-hour sessions in addition to their 1-hour mentor groups to receive their Certificate of Completion.  This Certificate of Completion will be your ticket for all subsequent coach learning programs offered by IFS Institute.  

  • Enrollment for this pilot will be limited to 80 participants.
  • Pilot price is $1850.


Pre-program Self-directed Modules 

Available beginning June 10, these online modules will set the stage for the program with approximately 2-hours of self-directed learning as follows: 

  • Before you Begin (30 minutes) 
  • Introduction to IFS (60 minutes) 
  • Expanding your Coach Capacity through IFS (30 minutes) 

Section 1: The Coach System 

In this section you will begin with an exploration of your internal system, by identifying roles of parts, discussing common coach parts, and experiential exercises for mapping your coach learner parts. Following this, you’ll delve into understanding the qualities of Self energy, with practices aimed at cultivating and recognizing the 8 Cs. Next you will explore the protective system, with a focus on unblending. Finally, you will examine dynamics of alliances, hierarchies and polarizations.  

Cohort 1: Modules 1-4 of this program will run June 24 – July 26 (including a break for the week of the US July 4th holiday) 

Section 2: The Client System 

Over the next four weeks you will dive deep into working with the client’s system. These modules will include techniques for assisting clients in identifying and exploring their parts. You will gain experience working within the client protective system including the proper application and practice of a coach-specific protocol for unburdening exiles.  

Cohort 1: Modules 5-8 will run from July 29- August 23 

Section 3: Coach Client Dynamics 

The closing section will explore Coach and Client Dynamics. In these four modules you will learn how IFS assists coaches in shifting from behavior and action-oriented coaching to identity coaching.  You will also learn how to cultivate more Self energy when faced with intensity or complexity in session.  Cultural and Legacy Burdens will be covered particularly in how they are held within the client and coach system and how to recognize potential biases. There will be an entire session devoted to participant questions and nuance topics.  Finally, you will close this program with clarity on how to put your learning into action and continue your Self development after the program ends.  

Cohort 1: Modules 9-12 will run August 26- September 23


This program is highly interactive and requires live participation.  Participants must attend the live weekly 3-hour sessions and their 1-hour mentor groups to receive their Certificate of Completion. Live sessions will include breakout groups, mentor and peer to peer role play, discussion, and demonstration.



Module 1 – Your Internal System 

  • Monday, June 24  
  • 8-11am Los Angeles/ 11-2 am New York / 4 –7 pm London 

OFF Week of July 1 – July 5 

Module 2 – Self Energy 

  • July 8  
  • 8-11 am Los Angeles/ 11-2 am New York / 4 –7 pm London 

Module 3 – The Protective System 

  • Monday, July 15 
  • 8-11 am Los Angeles/ 11-2 am New York / 4 –7 pm London 

Module 4 – Dynamics 

  • Monday, July 22 
  • 8-11 am Los Angeles/ 11-2 am New York / 4 –7 pm London 


Module 5 – Assisting Clients in Identifying Parts 

  • Monday, July 29 
  • 8-11 am Los Angeles/ 11-2 am New York / 4 –7 pm London 

Module 6 – Exploring Parts with Clients 

  • Monday, August 5 
  • 8-11 am Los Angeles/ 11-2 am New York / 4 –7 pm London 

Module 7 – Working within the Client Protective System 

  • Monday, August 12  
  • 8-11 am Los Angeles/ 11-2 am New York / 4 –7 pm London  

Module 8 – Working with Exiles

  • Monday, August 19 
  • 8-11 am Los Angeles/ 11-2 am New York / 4 –7 pm London  


Module 9 – IFS and Self Leadership in Coaching 

  • Monday, August 26  
  • 8-11 am Los Angeles/ 11-2 am New York / 4 –7 pm London 


Module 10 – Cultural and Legacy Burdens  

  • Monday, September 9 
  • 8-11 am Los Angeles/ 11-2 am New York / 4 –7 pm London 

Module 11 – Open Topics

  • Monday, September 16  
  • 8-11 am Los Angeles/ 11-2 am New York / 4 –7 pm London 

Module 12- Putting it All Together 

  • Monday, September 23 
  • 8-11 am Los Angeles/ 11-2 am New York / 4 –7 pm London


Anna Tansi, Instructor

Anna Tansi, MS Organization Psychology, is an IFS-certified practitioner who has coached and consulted with organizations, teams, and individuals for 30+ years. The types of clients she works with range from purpose-driven people and businesses to spiritually oriented organizations and entrepreneurs. Anna has a passion for learning and development and, since 2010, has been integrating the principles of IFS into her workshops and coaching. She is Level 2 trained and frequently serves as a program assistant for the IFS Institute.

Francesco Piminelli, Instructor

Francesco, a PCC with the ICF, a professional counsellor and a seasoned IFS practitioner ignites potential in individuals and leaders. For over 20 years, he’s crafted personalized coaching and counseling experiences that empower clients to overcome challenges and achieve lasting change. From personal growth to leadership excellence, Francesco addresses both professional and personal roadblocks using a holistic approach.

Ty Cutner, Mentor

Ty is a Level 2 trained IFS personal development coach and a contributing author to the best selling book, Freeing Self: IFS Beyond the Therapy Room edited by Helen Foot and Emma E. Redfern. In 2018, Ty experienced his first IFS session with the model’s founder Dr. Richard Schwartz and was deeply moved by the process. In 2021, during his second session with Dr Schwartz, he retrieved a 15-year-old part he had lost over 20 years ago due to his mom passing away.  Ty is one of the leading coaches in the IFS community, applying IFS to his image coaching, K-12 school workshops, and relationship coaching practice.

Ty’s Mentor Groups will meet Wednesdays at 1pm Los Angeles / 4 pm New York / 9 pm London

Hannah Lofthus, Mentor

As the founder and CEO of a social justice nonprofit and a coaching organization that centers IFS, Hannah’s passion for coaching executives and leadership teams comes from firsthand experience of its impact in both her own life and that of clients she works with.  In alignment with IFS as a constraint releasing model, Hannah views her role as a coach as holding sacred space to allow the best of what is already present in every human to emerge.  She is excited about the opportunity to integrate IFS into the coaching sector and in turn provide the opportunity for more people to experience this transformative learning and growth.

Hannah’s Mentor Groups will meet Tuesdays at 9 am Los Angeles/ 12 pm New York/ 5 pm London

Sohpia van Woneself-Mose, JD LL.M (ICF-ACC), Mentor

Sophia van Woensel-Mose JD LL.M (ICF-ACC) Dutch-born Sophia Mose is a Certified (L3) IFS Practitioner and Certified Functional Health Coach, based in the south of France. Sophia has a full time on-line coaching practice, supporting senior executives, founders, and other leaders, mostly in tech, law, and creative industries. Before training as a coach, Sophia was a cross-border corporate lawyer in New York and London. Since training in IFS, she incorporates the IFS model in all her coaching sessions and is passionate about supporting others in doing the same. 

Sophia’s Mentor Groups will meet Wednesdays at 6 am Los Angeles/  9 am New York/ 2 pm London

Brian Jaudon, Mentor

Brian Jaudon is a master coach with 25 years of experience in the industry. He is IFS Level 2 trained and has been at the forefront of the integration of IFS and coaching the last two decades. Brian was a co-designer and co-teacher of the groundbreaking webinar series IFS-Inspired Coaching: Aligning the Inner System in 2018 and the Coaching for Self Leadership: An Introduction to Internal Family Systems in 2021 — both delivered in partnership with the IFS Institute. 

Brian’s Mentor Groups will meet Tuesdays at 1pm Los Angeles / 4 pm New York / 9 pm London


Q.  Will this program offer ICF Continuing Education Credits?

A.  We will be submitting our application to ICF for 36 CCEs and are hopeful the program will be approved before the program ends.  If not, IFSI is committed to providing ICF accredited coaches (ACC, PCC, MCC) with appropriate documentation for individual submission for CCE consideration directly to ICF.

Q.  What if I cannot join the live sessions? 

A.  The live sessions are highly interactive and make up the main way for participants to learn, watch, and practice with peers.  Missing a session will require make-up work including watching the recording and potentially submitting proof that the skill taught has been learned.  If you miss more than 2 live sessions and/or 2 mentor sessions, you may not be eligible to receive your Course Completion Certificate which would mean you would not be eligible to take future programming or participate in mentorship circles unless you retake the program.

Q. What is the refund/withdrawal policy?

A. For cohort 1, refunds or cancellation requests must be requested in writing to [email protected]. Prior to June 1, 2024 refunds will be provided less a $100 administrative fee.  No refunds are issued if written notice of withdrawal is received by IFS Institute on or after June 1, 2024.

IFS Institute Initiated Withdrawal –Internal Family Systems Institute, Inc. reserves the right to deny acceptance to any training program applicant and to withdraw a participant from all or part of a program at any time if IFS Institute determines a participant’s behavior could damage the quality of a program. IFS Institute, in its sole discretion, may terminate a participant’s participation at any time and, in such event, will refund tuition paid to IFS Institute for portions of the training the participant will not attend as a result of their termination. If IFS Institute terminates a participant’s participation, the participant is not eligible for a Certificate of Completion from IFS Institute.


If you feel you meet the minimum criteria for this program, we invite you to complete the interest form below.  You will be notified when more information is available and invited to register once registration opens. Joining this list does not guarantee nor will it hold a spot in this program.